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Water Coolers with Galtee Spring

Water Coolers

Quarrtz Water Cooler
Onyx Counter Top Cooler
Kalix Water Cooler

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Drinking_Water_Solution Cork

Drinking Water Solution

Reverse Osmosis
Water Filtration Systems

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Next Scale Stop, Domestic & Commercial Scale-Stop

Next Scale Stop

Commercial Scale-Stop
Domestic Scale -Stop
Farms Solutions

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Domestic & Commercial Lime Scale Solutions Salt Based

Filtration Solutions Salt Based

Salt Softener
Iron and Manganese
UV Lights

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Galtee Spring Water Solutions  it is your source for quality residential and commercial water filtration systems, service and installation.
We can bring to you the purest, cleanest water.  We offer full range of Water Cooler/Dispenser for your business. In Galtee Spring Water Solutions we offer full range of water filters and water filters replacement.
We help you to find which products will best suit your needs.


  • Water Coolers & Dispensers For Workplace & Home
  • Domestic Water Filtration Systems – Quality Tap Water
  • A Wide Variety of Water Filters & Cartridges, Rplacement & Services
  • Water Filters Fitting Services, Annual Services & Replacement

  • Coomercial Water Filters & Water Filtration, a Full Installation Service to Businesses throughout Ireland.
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Water Purification & Filtration for Livestock, Agriculture, Dairy Farmers

Water Solutions
For Office, House & Farm.

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