Filtration Solutions Salt Based

Filtration Solutions Salt Based
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Water Softener for whole house

Our Galtee Spring compact softener is suitable to treat up to 2500 liters at 300ppm before been regenerated. This machine will regenerate at a configured time/day regardless of consumption. Galtee Spring softened water, has a clean, silky feeling. It makes bathtime a luxury without the need for bath oils or bubble bath liquids. It also helps to make hair soft and easy to manage.

Our softener will remove all the lime/hardness from your water throughout your home. Robust design Control Valve Vertical piston Abrasion resistant and durable materials Superior chemical and corrosion resistant valve body constructed of Zyron a proven glass reinforced resin material Very low power consumption with a single motor to keep time of day No Pumps used in regeneration as it uses mains water pressure Accurate metering NSA certified fibre glass vessel NSA certified resin Resin suitable for potable water Robust cabinet

Iron & Manganese Removal Filters

Removes Iron, Manganese and Lime-scale from the whole house.

Ultra Violet Filter

The Galtee Spring Ultra violet filter prevents dangerous bacteria found in many water supplies. This protects with out adding harmful chemicals to your drinking water.

Ultra Violet Filter for COMMERCIAL USE

This will treat 12 gallon per hour. It is installed on the pipe before it enters the building. Preventing all bacteria intering your premises.

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