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Water Coolers
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Office Counter Top Water Cooler/Dispenser

The Super Offer Includes Installation, Service Yearly and FREE Callout. The very stylish Onyx counter top cooler/dispenser is a top of the range model. It also is on special of only €199 yearly. With our high quality carbon and 5 micron system fitted to the unit you will get top quality water. We will service the unit every six months all in the price.

Office Quality Water Cooler/ Dispenser

Our Quarrtz water cooler for just €199 a year is our best priced standalone cooler/dispenser and still a high quality machine. It is a very stylish unit and will give up to 12 Litres of pure chilled water per hour. It is suitable for offices or even domestic use. It comes with high quality carbon filtration system, all for only €199 per year. The Quarrtz have a large drip tray to cover any spillage. Three year price guarantee.

Filtered Water Cooler for Your Business

Kalix filtered water cooler/dispenser is a direct chill cooler that can chill up to 20 litres per hour. This is our elite water dispenser. It has touch button and a large drip tray. It also includes our high quality carbon filtration filter system. It also is serviced every year all part of the special price of €240. Three year price guarantee.

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